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Coming up soon in the Russia in Fiction blog

For some thoughts on the lack on updates to the blog in 2023, have a look at the opening paragraph of the last post, our review of After Silence by Jessica Gregson.

In its up-coming post, the Russia in Fiction blog will …

… continue along the road to 100 books reviewed. The next book reviewed will be the 96th.

Still to come, at least one recently published novel and the build-up to an all-time favourite marking the century.

We have a plan for what follows when we get to 100 reviews and will set that out soon.

For details of what this blog is about see here.

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  1. Ian

    Love the blog – I used to be an avid Russian spy/thriller reader years ago but I stopped. Thanks to your blog (and Covid) I’ve taken it up again!
    Anyway, I’ve been digging about and came across a book called May Day in Magadan by Anthony Olcott published in 1984. It’s obviously influenced by Gorky Park (disgraced Soviet cop, fur smuggling, corruption, who can he trust?).
    I had low expectations… but I really enjoyed it. The writing is great, the plot is crackles along nicely… but the real star of the show is the city of Magadan.
    It really captures the harsh bleakness of provincial Soviet city life to a tee (the canteen scene really resonates).
    Anyway, I just thought I pass on the recommendation and say how much I’m enjoying you blog!

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